Child Safety Airbag Tips


Airbags are deemed important for preventing injuries and deaths in car crashes. Yes, that’s what most surveys have noted.

It was in fact reported by recent researches that airbags save more than 1,500 lives per year. That may seem amazing in the first place, but just like any thing in the world, airbags have their own disadvantages. Although it is highly beneficial for reducing the chances of injury for adults in a crash, the force of an airbag when deployed can injure the small children seriously and severely.

Well, the real reason for its being injurious to toddlers is that when deployed, the airbags have the tendency to inflate faster than the blink of an eye. They tend to explode out of the dashboard and side panels of the car to protect the driver and the front seat passenger from hitting hard surfaces during a crash. But imagine that same force hitting a small child in the front seat of the car. As you may realize, that’s too dangerous for them. It is basically for this reason that certain child safety airbag tips are considered.

Now if you want to know exactly how to protect your small children from the injurious force of deployed airbags, I recommend you to read on. I have given below a few child safety airbag tips for you to consider. Just note all these child safety airbag tips and make sure to apply these tips if possible.

* Children under the age of 12, including newborns, should ride in the rear seat, buckled up comfortably. For further security, parents are advised to use child safety seats, booster seats or safety belts that fit well to them.

* To ensure that the child safety airbag will not hit your child so badly, place your infants in a rear facing child seat and fasten securely in the back seat of the car. Note that the perfect place for children is the back seat.

* It is important to ensure that your child is buckled up with both lap and shoulder belts on every trip. It is also important to move the front passenger and the driver seat as far back from the dashboard as practical.

* If you carry with you an infant that needs constant attention, you should bring another adult to ride with them. This is suggested as part of this child safety airbag tips knowing that it is easy to get distracted, which is not good when driving.

* Always wear your safety belt, and make your child securely buckled up on his comfortable seat.

So those basically are the most helpful child safety airbag tips I’ve known. Consider them and you will benefit on how effective they are for preventing child injuries during car crashes.

Article Source: Child Safety Airbag Tips

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